Who We Are

After working in the Los Angeles entertainment industry for many years, John returned home to Oregon. One of his first clients was a company working with small-batch artisans around the country. While designing and building a website and marketing plan for the company, John came to another realization: Many small to medium-sized businesses don’t have websites, or do not have a quality website that properly represents their brand. Bigfoot Robot was born from that need.

Today, the company works closely with a range of business owners, but always with one major goal: To bring the modern tools of online sales and marketing to companies that need them, without high cost or extravagant fees.

Our team consists of a wide range of professionals, each bringing a unique talent and insight to each client’s needs.

Meet Our Team

John Parenteau, p.g.a.

General Manager & Content Director

John has been involved in creative design his entire career. Raised in Silverton, Oregon, John attended the University of Southern California before starting a career in motion picture and television. An accomplished writer, manager and visual artist, he has focused his career on developing a strong visual eye using the most modern tools available. Self-taught in computer animation, John earned an Emmy Award for his work on the pilot of Star Trek: Voyager in 1995.

Managing companies or divisions for people such as Steven Spielberg (Amblin Entertainment/Dreamworks SKG) and John C. Malone (Liberty Media), John has guided both large and small organizations throughout his career, often taking on the responsibility for guiding each divisions’ marketing and PR efforts.

John returned to Oregon to be closer to his family, but brings with him a passion for helping all types of businesses thrive and grow. With Bigfoot Robot, John takes advantage of his many contacts and relationships throughout the world in the film, television and new media markets, while insisting on providing focused and  personal attention for each client and their business.

Maggie Jones

Client Relations & Social Media Management

Maggie began her career in real estate and finance, working closely with financial institutions and individuals in managing a wide range of consumer and corporate assets. While her experience had little to do with marketing and social media, she quickly came to realize she had developed a strong sense of customer service and management, which lead her to her role with Bigfoot Robot.

Maggie brings a unique focus to the company through her ability to provide extensive market research and development, while keeping the wide range of client-specific data organized and current. Focusing on implementation of marketing and social media plans with the team, Maggie’s creative ideas and extensive knowledge of the online landscape makes her a powerful asset to the team.

Craig Kuehne

Graphic Design & Computer Generated Imagery
Acting as director and editor, Craig started making movies with his friends in high school around 1987.  They were fun little movies, like ‘It Came From the Trash Bin’ and it’s three sequels.  This was at a time when video editing was “tape-to-tape”, and the quality of a VHS image, after it went through two generations to dub in music and sound effects, left a lot to be desired.  Even though VHS was the best they could afford at the time, the quality made Craig cringe.  Still, he and his friends made a lot of movies, trying to make them as well as they could under those conditions.

Craig has directed 14 short films, some as short as 5 seconds. In the process, he has become an accomplished comedy director and editor. Craig is also expert in all things Apple… just ask him.

Craig is also a professional visual effects artist and graphic designer, and has been producing shots for a wide range of television and feature film projects since 1996.

Meghan Blood

Marketing & Content

Meghan lives in Portland, Oregon where she graduated from the University of Portland with a Communication Studies degree. Her poem and personal mantra, “Anything is Possible,” ignited her aspirations after winning an all-school art contest when she was eight years old. More importantly, however, she writes to improve the lives of others and because she’s happiest with a pen — or keyboard — at her fingertips. Meghan also contributes to  WellKrafted and Global ADE as a freelance writer.

Besides writing, she loves coaching and running cross country, dance, vacationing with her family at Flathead Lake, and Tina Fey.

Kelsey Jones

Web & Graphic Design
Through her young career, Kelsey has developed a unique and valuable skill set in the art of web design. Even while in college at the University of Oregon, she built a strong background in tools such as Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator, as well as Bigfoot Robot’s core platform, WordPress. Before joining the company, Kelsey consulted with the Oregon Problem Gambling Service in Content & Creative Design, as well as a holding a position as Public Relations Coordinator for the Organization Against Sexual Assault in Eugene, Oregon.

While she enjoys the creative work afforded through web design, she is equally passionate about Public Health and Women’s Services, where she can utilize her degree in Family and Human Services to support important causes and initiatives.

Being the youngest member of the Bigfoot Robot team, Kelsey provides a key perspective in the lifestyle of the growing Millennial generation, a key demographic for today’s thriving online business model.

John is a proud member of the following professional organizations